Hello! I’m Megha

Certified Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

The host, certified nutritionist and the founder of The Stay Fit Channel. A management graduate by education. Topper in academics. An entrepreneur by chance and a nutritionist by choice. Having consulted more than 1000 professionals and helped them achieve their fitness goals, I am here to assist you with the best diet, nutrition, workout plans and overall health guidance for you or for your entire family.

With a vast experience in the fashion & lifestyle industry and having worked at ITC Fashion and some other big MNCs, I’ve observed that people don’t think much about their health & nutrition and don’t take it seriously. With the advent of social media people and specially young generation came up on the mobile screen and suddenly the trend shifted from the unhealthy & lazy bodies to lean and healthy bodies. People started eating fresh food and became more conscious on their looks.

After spending a pretty good amount of 5 years in Delhi, I shifted to Bangalore with my husband and started eating the food that I never thought of. I was really missing those Delhi flavors in Bangalore and with this my junk food life came to an end. I choose to eat healthy food & In just a few days, weeks I started feeling quite different. I started feeling fresh all day and my laziness went off on a different planet. I became much more active with just 2 things in my life. Healthy food and Yoga. These literally changed my life.

Join my journey and start feeling the difference in your life too. I’ll share with you :

  •  What I did
  •  What I eat
  • What Yoga I do
  • How much do I eat daily
  • What all nutrients does your body need and in how much quantity

Just call me and ask for a free consultation call or connect with me on WhatsApp >> HERE

What’s on the Plate/Services



Healthy living comes with the right nutrition. What you eat regularly might not offer you the right nutrition. 

Weight Loss

It’s an art of transforming your body into a well-designed sculpture. Right diet, nutrition & workout is all you need.


The science of physical, mental & spiritual practices or disciplines that makes the foundation of one’s overall fitness.

Custom Meal Plans

Perfect for individuals, group or family based on your food, profession, lifestyle and your body & nutrition goals.

Weekly Meal Plans

Fit for disciplined individuals, professionals, families, students, gym lovers or sports personnel.

Virtual Counseling

Wherever you live, we’ll help you with our online virtual health & nutrition plans and consulting. No worries!

Diet Plans

Dieting is not just about eating less. It’s about eating the right food at the right time and in right quantities.

hair nutrition

Hair do need a different kind of nutrition and care to stay healthy and shiny. Stop losing your hair and follow my steps.

Skin Nutrition

What’s your type of skin? What do you do to nourish your skin? How do you get the glow on skin? It’s very simple. Call me!




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