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Diet & Nutrition Counseling

Everybody is not the same. The age, gender, body type, blood group, ethnicity, location, eating habits, family DNA and a lot more factors decide how your body will function.

Your food habits, the water you drink, the air you breathe makes up your body and the overall growth. The immunity, you are fighting for and how the body responses depends on what you eat and drink.

Get a personal 1 on 1 Diet & Nutrition Counseling from the comfort of your home.  

Hi, There!

I’m Megha.

Your own Nutrition Counsellor.

A management graduate by education. Topper in academics. An entrepreneur by chance and a nutritionist by choice. Having consulted more than 1000 professionals and helped them achieve their fitness goals, I am here to assist you with the best diet, nutrition, workout and overall health guidance.



Personal Nutrition

Custom meal plans and workout schedules for a healthy start. You are never late to start a healthy life. Get the perfect nutrition and balanced diet and start a new life, every day.

Family Nutrition

A fit family contributes to a huge portion of success in someone’s life. Take away the full diet plans, workout schedules, a big list of what you should eat and feed your family. 

Mobile Consults

Connect with me over a phone call or WhatsApp if you live in a different city or if you can’t meet. I will share the best nutrition plan and health tips as per your working culture & lifestyle.

Custom Meal Plans Perfectly for You

Grilled Fillet

Main ingredient - Salmon fish

Rich in Fat, Omega3 fatty Acids, High in Protein and Less in Carbohydrates. Good for your heart, reduces Osteoporosis, promotes healthy pregnancy, boosts mood are among a few benefits of Salmon Fish.

Chicken Breast

Main Ingredient - Chicken Breast

Low Sodium, High Protein, Sugar-Free. It is a very good source of lean protein and nearly zero carbs. Low fat and a very good source of Vitamins & Minerals like Selenium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B6 & Niacin.


High in Vitamin C, B1 & B6, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, selenium & sulphur compound such as allicin. May lower Blood pressure, lowers bad LDL cholesterol, it raises good HDL cholesterol, reduces heart diseases


High in Vitamin C & a range of antioxidants. Contributes to strong clear skin, reduces inflammation, may prevent cancer, reduces blood pressure, improves heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes 


Rich in Unsaturated Fats, Low in Saturated Fats,  Rich in Fibre & Phytonutrients. Cholesterol Free, Vitamin E, Gluten-Free, Sodium-Free, reduces heart disease, Leatril compound acts as anti-cancer   


 Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Potassium, Protein & Fibre. Pomegranate has impressive Anti-Inflammatory Effects, helps fight prostate cancer, helps reduce blood pressure, fight arthritis & joint pain

“Make yourself a healthier version of you with real food nutrition that your body is craving for.

Don’t ignore the signs of your body and treat them right.”

Megha Singhal

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